Porcelain department

We use different ceramics depending
on the type of work.

For metal ceramic crown and bridgework
we use Synspar ceramic from Jeneric
Pentron USA. This is a semi synthetic
ceramic with a lot of advantages. It´s 
strength is unsurpassed which our clients
really appreciate. 

For litium disilicate structures we use the 
ceramic IPS E.max Ceram. It´s unique
combination of translucency, brightness
and opalescence produces a natural
dispersion of light and a balanced
relationship between brightness and
chroma of the restoration.

For Zirconium we have tried a lot of
different brands of ceramics. In the end
we opted for Avante Z also from Jeneric
Pentron due to its superior strength.

Our materials:
Avante Z
IPS E.max Ceram