Cad CAM department

Cad Cam technology refers to a technique in which a structure is designed in a computer program and then computer manufactured. This technique has been used in Architecture and Car Design for over 25 years. The dental application is it to design and create teeth. The problem has been to get the dental models into the computer. Cerec experimented with this technique in the Eighties using a camera. At the beginning of the Nineties Procera developed a mechanical rotating instrument. All things evolve and now there are more then 100 different Cad Cam systems on the market.

So which one did Corona Dental choose and why?

After working with Lava 3M we realized that a system was needed that could scan, design and manufacture to a high quality in house. We did not want a system that only could work with one material. Therefore for us there was only one good choice; the Sirona MCXL that became available in March 2008. Our machine arrived June 2008.

Our materials:
Vita Cad-Temp