How to send work to Corona Dental from Denmark.

1. Contact UPS Denmark: 80302222 or via internet

2. go to "Support" "Getting started", there they explain how to register and how to send and order. We recommend you to get some help from UPS the first time you order through internet. 

3. Register yourself and then go to "log in" and "Shipping" "Create an shipment". Enter Coronas address and choose to save the address, this way all the information get saved automatically so next time you order you only have to click on corona.
Order the pick up as well. The service we use is Express Saver and the contain Dental Samples. Please contact us to get our UPS account number, 

4. E-mail us the tracking number to when you send the package ( you can also choose on ups website that they email the tracking number directly to us). 

You need to ask UPS when is the latest time to order the pick up to get the pick up the same day.

5. Print the label.