Terms of delivery

In view of our endeavour to keep the highest quality as well as secure delivery, we ask you to respect the following times of delivery:

Working day: Is any day, from Monday to Friday, which is not a holiday.

Complete working day: This means a day starts at 9am to 6pm. Ex: if we ask for 6 complete working days, we don’t count the day the job arrives, unless the job comes at 9am in the morning. This works the same way for delivery. Ex: if the patient’s appointment is at 12am, this day does not count as a working day.

By agreement: This means that you have to call us in advance to make sure we are able to do it (depending on work load).

• Crown and small bridgework without trying 5 complete working days
• Bridges, five unit or more 6 complete working days
• Bridges for trying metal 4 complete working days
• Implant bridges for trying metal 6 complete working days
• Finishing with porcelain or acrylic 4 complete working days
• Denture for trying or hybrid(teeth in wax) 5 complete working days
• Finishing of denture 4 complete working days
• Repair of denture or relining 1 complete working day by agreement
• Crom skeleton for partial denture with bite 8 complete working days
• Full ceramics like zirconium or e-max 6 complete working days
• Atlantis abutment in Ti 11 complete working days 
• Atlantis abutment in ZrCo 13 complete working days

For pieces of work to be delivered within less time than marked in the table above we charge an extra 25% of the normal price. Also it is only possible by agreement.